About Us

Welcome to country-tabs.net. We are a group of passionate group players and singers. We have been playing guitar since childhood. We also take guitar classes for people who are really interested. We are five members in this group. We are childhood friends and learned guitar whenever we get time. At the start, we did not attend guitar classes as we wanted to explore the keys and notes on own.
Later, we pursued guitar courses and have earned guitar skills certificate from the leading Music College. We have also received a scholarship and have attended two extra classes. It is a fun experience to attend the National Guitar Workshop. We play for our own satisfaction and enjoyment. We love teaching and we enjoy the most when we are teaching guitar to others.
Our Guitar Collections
We have collected a wide range of guitars like Martin D16 RGTE, Fender Lone Star Stratocaster, Washburn WG-587, Epiphone Dot and Epiphone SG.
Guitar Advice
We want to share an important advice if you are thinking to learn guitar. Most people would tend to leave the song in half way. It is a big mistake that you do at the starting stage. It is best to play the complete song. There may be times you may feel hard to play further but you need to manage and end the song. When you finish the song, you can get a satisfyingfeel and impress people around you.
Thank you for visiting our website. Hope you enjoy reading my blogs and website. We are always available for assistance.