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Brain training is a complicated and extensive business. There are several companies, such as Cogmed, Lumosity, and BrainHQ, that comes under multimillion-dollar business. Do you think their programs would benefit your brain? Well, researchers do not feel that these game tasks could improve the brain. If the brain games do not function, how to maintain the brain sharp? Well, it is possible to keep the brain sharp by learning a musical instrument. If you are one of ambitious IAS aspirants, you need to consider learning a musical instrument like a guitar.

Why being an instrumentalist is worthy for your brain?

It has been proved that musical training changes brain structure and also helps in better functioning. Musical training enhances long term memory. It results in better brain growth, especially for individuals who wish to learn at an early age. Musicians are usually mentally alert. One of the researchers commented that the more we learn about the influence of music on basic sensory progressions, the more it is possible to apply musical training to persons who have slow reaction times.

The reaction time of the people gets slower as they get older. By playing a musical instrument, it is possible to increase reaction times and also it will be helpful for the individual in various ways. Earlier, it was found that musicians have better tactile, audio-tactile and auditory reaction times. The musicians are far better at mixing the inputs from several sources. Music does something unique. It powerfully influences your brain due to emotional association with it. Click Here – to check out the reasons behind playing instrument.

Why should IAS Aspirants consider playing the guitar?

As an IAS aspirant, you will be undergoing a lot of pressure and stress. It is hard to prepare for exams when you have too much stress in your mind. It is recommended to learn a musical instrument like the guitar to strengthen your brain power and also be free from academic stress. Several successful IAS candidates relax by playing the guitar. They say that music improves their brainpower during a hectic study schedule.

Picture Representing The Concept of Playing Instrument Boost The Brain Power.

Relaxation tips for IAS aspirants: Learn to play the guitar

If you are experiencing a tough day, you need to switch to music for complete relief. It is well known that music plays an excellent part in relieving stress. It is a natural calmer. Music helps in releasing endorphins which are feel-good chemicals. By playing any instrument like guitar, you can see a calming effect in your body and mind. Several studies have proved that music reduces stress and also helps in lowering blood pressure levels. Music is said to be one of the best stress relievers next to laughter and sleep.

Enhances coordination

When you play the guitar, you will be taking quick movements of hands, arms, and fingers. Your picking and fretting hands would perform different kinds of movements simultaneously. Alongside, you need to follow music notes on the page, transform into particular motor patterns and at the same breathing and maintaining rhythm.

You need to have well-developed motor skills and hand-eye coordination to manoeuvre around the fretboard. When you play the guitar, certain portions of your brain which control motor skills develop and remain more active.

Motivates cognitive development

It also stimulates your brain and improves memory capacity in adults and children. Several pieces of evidence support that musicians have functionally and organizationally different brains when compared to non-musicians, mostly in the parts of the brain utilized in playing and processing music. The portions of the brain that manage hearing, motor skills, audio information and storing and memory develop and remain more active. Moreover, you can see long-lasting effects.

Image That Representing IAS Asirants Stress While Preparing For Exams.

If the person has spent more years of his/her life learning or playing music, the better they would perform on tests of cognitive flexibility, nonverbal memory and word recall. Several results have also proved that instrument playing helps in increasing IQ to seven points. When your brain function sharply, there are fewer chances of experiencing a mental decline in later or old age.

Enhances mathematical ability

Math and music are highly associated. Several studies have proved that students learning music are always better in mathematics. They accomplish high grades in school, especially higher than students who do not learn music. By learning to play the guitar, you can quickly improve mathematical abilities at any age.

What’s more? If you are an IAS aspirant, you should take these points seriously and consider joining a guitar class for enjoying several benefits.

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