Everyone is not an expert when it is learning guitar chords or playing guitar. But still, they can play a tune using the guitar. It is important to be patient learn the art of playing guitar. It is not something that you can get within a day. Some people may think that it is frustrating to learn guitar chords. Well, there is no need to drive nuts. Here we have shared some simple tips and tricks that will help you in mastering guitar chords.
Learn the guitar chords correctly and slowly
You would have seen guys playing fast in stage and in live performances. They would be really fast which may you feel how they learned such way. Seeing such performances, most people tend to practice fast way of playing. But that is not the right way. Do you learn to run before knowing to walk? No! You have to learn to play the chord very slowly at the start. You should teach the fingers where to go and what to do. As you gain experience, you will start to play fast naturally. Dexterity and speed are easier when your fingers and brain know what you should do exactly.

Look away or close your eyes
If you have seen a starter playing in front of large crowds, they would be sweating and feeling nervous to play in front of huge crowds. They would have that feeling whether they are going wrong. It is a common habit for all person to watch their hand while playing the board. It is actually a bad look since they keep focusing on their hands. They would miss playing as per the song or tune.
Experienced people would leave a glance at the fretboard and tend to look out or close their eyes. It is a talent and you need to develop on own. As you keep playing more and more, you would get an idea and you can play without seeing the fretboard. The most important fact is as you gain experience you would know that you have played right without checking your fingers. And you would look damn cool on stage.

Do not neglect hard chords
It may be hard to play some chords. It would be challenging for new players and they would skip when they come across hard chords. For instance, F Major is a hard chord. It is necessary to train yourself playing such hard chords as they are present in several simple songs. It is good to learn both the hard and easy ones to master your favorite musical instrument. It may take more time to learn but as you keep practicing,again and again, you would start some impressive playing.
Know the chords you are playing
This advice may sound odd. You can change the chord when you want a nice effort and stay away from the natural tone. It is wise to know which chord you are playing or else they are chances to call D Minor and C Major. Take enough time to check what you have done.

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