GH3 Custom Faceplates! Well readers, I got a pre-release of Guitar Hero 3 and I have to open by saying that this Guitar Hero is the best by a HUGE margin. There are TONS of master tracks which makes a huge difference in how long this games playability is. There will be many familiar tracks you know by heart unlike some of the previous Guitar Heroes and it makes it, in my opinion, a lot more easy going and enjoyable to play. They have a battle mode which can either be 1 vs 1 or You vs a Boss. It is a little odd and takes some getting use to. Star Power doesn’t exist in this mode, instead you gain attacks to mess up your opponent as he/she plays to try and make them fail the song. There are also quite a few bonus songs that I believe you all will like, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. The song difficulty seems perfect.

There is a career co-op now too! They have added a ton of new features that just perfected the game to the maximum and now it is easier to tell when your partner has star power and is holding his guitar or pressing the button to use it. Star power now is 6 bulbs and you get longer star power if you wait for them all to fill up now instead of just doing the usual 3 bulbs star power, 3 bulbs star power, repeat. The UI is slick and perfect and the lip syncing of the rock star on stage is amazing! I believe they used “Motion Capture” to get it right this game. They also added a ‘short story’ in the career modes, they consist of quick,funny animations between the set lists showing how you advanced from one city to the next.(which replaced the map with the little tour bus driving). Overall, this is again, the best Guitar Hero as of yet and I think Red Octane is doing a MARVELOUS job!

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